Example Itineraries - 2 Day Event

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Day 1

0830 Your teams will be welcomed to the Hamble School of Yachting where they will be introduced to their Skippers and taken down to their boats.

0845 A short safety brief, over a mug of tea and coffee whilst your teams begin to familiarise themselves with the yachts.

0930 The yachts slip their moorings, sail down the picturesque River Hamble and head out into the Solent.
1015 Your teams will spend the morning working as teams and learning some of the basic skills involved in sailing.

1200 All of the yachts anchor together off the Isle of Wight for a buffet lunch and drinks.

1300 Crews are briefed ahead of the afternoons activities before weighing anchor and setting sail again.

1330 Crews put their teamwork and sailing skills to test as they compete against the other crews in an afternoon of short and exciting racing, competing for the HSY Corporate Trophy.

1700 Boats tie up on a berth for the night on the Isle of Wight and crews are briefed on the next days activities.
1800 Crews meet at a pub on dry land for a BBQ and an evening of fun and entertainment.

0000 Crews return to their boats for a nights well earned rest.

Day 2

0830 Your crews will be woken to the smell of a freshly cooked breakfast on board their yachts.
0900 After breakfast and a shower, your teams will be set a challenging treasure hunt. Lasting the day and incorporating some of the best known landmarks of the Solent, it will test their newly found sailing skills, their ability to work as a team and their initiative.

They will earn points for the treasure hunt to add to the ones from the previous days racing, as they continue to fight for the HSY Corporate Trophy.

1630 The yachts moor back up in the Hamble and the crews disembark.

1700 Crews meet in the Oyster Quay, overlooking the Marina for a presentation of Champagne and the HSY Corporate Trophy to the overall victors of the events races and treasure hunt.

1800 Your teams climb back onto their coach and head home for a well earned rest.

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