Example itinerary of Advanced Powerboat course


  • 1200 Arrive Hamble School of Yachting classroom and check in
  • Welcome and issue of wet weather gear and books
  • Classroom session including a planning for a day and night passage in coastal waters
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1330 Launch RIB if it is not already in the water
  • Instructor's safety briefing and familirisation
  • Complete safety checks including daily and periodic checks on both petrol and diesel engines, how to bleed the fuel system and how to change a propeller
  • 1430 Depart Hamble for a short day passage taking into account navigational hazards, using transits clearing lines aswell as electronic navigational equipment.
  • Carry out a harbour entry using pilotage skills
  • 1600 Return to Hamble demonstrating the correct use of trim and discussing action to be taken in rougher weather conditions
  • 1630 Arrive at the entrance to the Hamble and recap the Man Overboard procedure. All students to practice MOB and discuss recovery in all conditions 
  • 1800 Return to base. Dinner ashore followed by a classroom session on emergency situations including fire prevention and fire fighting, hull damage, towing and being towed, flares and helicopter rescue
  • 2000 Depart Hamble for a pre planned night passage and harbour entry demonstrating keeping a proper lookout. The night excercise will also include identifying lit and unlit navigational marks
  • 2300 Return Hamble



  • 1000 Classroom session covering sources of weather forecast information, the Beaufort scale and the interpretation of synoptic charts. Navigation at higher speed using time / distance will also be discussed
  • 1100 Close quarters handling including all berthing and unberthing situations in various conditions of wind and tide. Advanced boat handling skills in confined spaces will also be covered considering the differences for twin engine vessels, various hull forms and propeller configurations
  • 1300 Lunch
  • 1400 More boat handling focusing on picking up and departing from a mooring buoy and anchoring in various conditions
  • 1530 Arrive back at base. Clean up and recovery of RIB
  • 1700 Debrief and issue of certificates
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