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Q. What time does my sailing course start and finish?

Q. What do I need to bring?

Q. What footwear do I need to bring?

Q. Do I need to bring my passport?

Q. Do I need insurance?

Q. Whats included in my course fee?

Q. Where will I go on my course?

Q. How many students will there be on my boat?

Q. Who does the cooking onboard?

Q. Can I bring my mobile phone?

Q. Do I sleep onboard?

Q. Will I have to share a cabin?

Q. Is there parking available?

Q. Are all meals provided?

Q. Can you cater for my special dietary requirements?

Q. Will we be in a marina every night?

Q. Will I be able plug in my electrical appliances such as my phone charger or hairdryer?

Q. Do you take under 18's on courses?

Q. Do your boats meet safety requirements?

Q. Are there washing facilities onboard the yacht?

Q. Do I need to do an actual course to come sailing?

Q. Can I smoke onboard?

Q. Will I get sea sick?

Q. I am a complete novice and want to go sailing with my friends but don't want to get in the way. What course would help me to understand more?

Q. Despite being a boat owner for many years, I have only ever sailed in the Solent. I would now like to go on some longer coastal passages but as this is new to me I would like some tuition.

Q. My family and I are hoping to buy our own yacht to cruise around the Solent during the daytime. What qualifications do I need?

Q. I have my own boat but am not sure exactly how things work or how to fix things when they go wrong.

Q. My ambition is to leave my current job behind and work in the sailing industry. What level of qualification will I need?