RYA/ISAF World Sailing Offshore Safety

The RYA/ISAF World Sailing Offshore Safety course equips both racers and cruisers with the skills and knowledge necessary to both prevent and deal with emergencies offshore. Whilst this course satisfies the training requirements for many offshore races it is equally suited to those who undertake blue water cruises and may be beyond immediate help.

In order to obtain the full ISAF World Sailing Offshore Safety Certification students will need to complete both this course and the one day RYA Sea Survival course. We would also strongly recommend attending the one day RYA First Aid course and whilst this is not a requirement for the actual ISAF certificate it is required to be held by a certain number of crew on some races. /p>

The course satisfies the training required by ISAF Offshore Special Regulations 6.01 for category 0, 1 and some category 2 offshore races. The RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety Course is split between both theoretical and practical hands on training.

Subjects covered include;

  • Care & Maintenance of Safety Equipment
  • Storm Sails
  • Damage Control
  • Crew Routines
  • Man Overboard Prevention and Recovery
  • Giving Assistance to other craft
  • SAR Organisation and Methods
  • Practical Fire Precautions and Fire Fighting
  • Distress Alerting and Survivor Location Aids

At Hamble we don't believe you can learn by just sitting in front of a whiteboard so during the day there will be a chance to let off flares, set off fire extinguishers, set up a storm jib and experiment with recovering a man back onboard from the dockside.

Click here to read an artical written by a member of staff from World Cruising Club who attended the 1st Aid, Sea Survival and ISAF courses


0900 until approximately 1700.

What's Included:

All course materials, morning and afternoon tea.

Support Courses:

RYA Sea Survival course, RYA First Aid

Supporting Books:

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Course Dates: 

Please note that if the dates listed are not suitable for you or you wish to have a course run at your own venue please contact us.

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Duration: 1 day

Previous Experience Required: None. Ratio 16:1

Course Overview: A hands on course designed to provide the skills and knowledge needed to handle offshore emergencies

Cost: RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety Course £135 Whilst this can be taken as a stand alone course in order to issue the full ISAF certificate candidates are also required to attend RYA Sea Survival course within the last 5 years. Please note that the ISAF certificate will be dated the same as your Sea Survival course not the date you took the ISAF. Total Package: (2 days) £270

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RYA/ISAF Offshore Safety Course