2 Day Weather course

This two day weather course is for any yachtsman who would like to expand their knowledge on a complex subject made simple by the marine met expert Chris Tibbs. If you are a budding skipper or an experienced sailor this course will build on your understanding and help you improve your forecasting skills, whether you are sailing in the Solent, crossing the Atlantic or sailing around the world.

Weather topics covered

  • Principals of Meteorology and what we understand by weather.
  • Global circulation.
  • Air mass and weather systems (highs and lows).
  • Weather forecasts and what they tell us and what they dont!
  • Wind, isobars and clouds.
  • Weather dangers Tropical weather.
  • Ocean weather - with particular emphasis on Trans Atlantic passages and around the world on the trade wind route Coastal weather.
  • Grib files and other sources of forecasts once away from land.
  • Ocean currents.
  • Weather routing.

About your instructor - Chris Tibbs

Chris is the author of the RYA Weather Handbook, he also holds MSc Applied Meteorology. He has worked with Volvo, Olympic and round the world race teams. Chirs is the meteorologist for the ARC, World ARC, and Oyster World Rally. He has sailed over 250,000 miles including 3 round the world races and has been the navigator/weather router for 6 world speed records.


0900 until approximately 1700

Books Included:

RYA Weather Handbook - Chris Tibbs 

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Duration: 2 days.

Previous Experience Required: None

Cost: £300 Includes the RYA Weather Handbook by Chris Tibbs

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