Yacht Maintenance

This course is run in conjunction with Southampton City College, who are a large provider of maritime engineering training in the UK. The course is an intensive seven day hands-on practical which will equip each student with the basic fault-finding and problem-solving skills needed by a skipper together with knowledge to carry out routine maintenance tasks such as painting, antifouling, varnishing and GRP repairs.

Electrical (One day) - Hamble 

  • Basic DC electrical theory 
  • Fuses,circuit breakers and electrical safety 
  • Connectors, Wire size and types of wire 
  • Practical wiring session including bilge pump system along with distribution panel, lights, circuit breakers and battery switching for a typical 2 battery system 
  • Using a multimeter to diagnose and fix problems 
  • Power generation for yachts both in shore and on longer Ocean passages 
  • Battery switches, charging systems and inverters 
  • Energy audit - generation/consumption 
  • Batteries - correct capacity, types and care 
  • Heating system, windlass and fridge case studies 

Engine (One and a half days) - Southampton 

  • Basic principles of a diesel engine 
  • Fuel, cooling, air and electrical systems 
  • What checks to complete and how often 
  • Basic fault finding and get me home fixes 
  • Basic engine service including oil change 
  • Winterisation and de winterisation 
  • Fuel bugs 
  • Types of drive and stern seals 
  • What to have in your tool box 

Plumbing (Half day) - Southampton 

  • Basic plumbing systems on yachts and the various components 
  • Pipe work 
  • Maintenance of pumps and heads 
  • Skin fittings and seacocks - types, care and servicing 
  • Black / grey tanks 
  • Fresh water tanks 
  • Un blocking heads 
  • What spares to carry on an Ocean passage and how to effect basic repairs 

Rigging & Deck Hardware (One day) - Hamble 

  • How and when to complete checks on your rig 
  • Preventing rig problems arising 
  • Basic rig settings and adjustments 
  • Care and maintenance of deck gear 
  • Winch servicing 
  • Splicing and whipping 
  • Mast climbing (if time and suitable weather) 

G.R.P & Painting (Two days) - Southampton 

  • Tools and equipment 
  • Materials 
  • Panel making 
  • Internal repair 
  • External repair 
  • Care of gelcoat 
  • Gelcoat repairs e.g. cracks, crazing and small holes 
  • Talk through of varnishing techniques 
  • Overview of antifouling types 

Sail Repair and Maintenance (One day) - Hamble

  • Basic types of sail construction 
  • What to ask when buying new sails 
  • How to look after your sails and covers 
  • End of season check and repairs/servicing on main and genoa 
  • Learning how to use needle and palm 
  • Basic sail repairs 
  • How to secure rings with webbings 
  • How to fit sail slides 
  • How to fit cleats and eyelets 
  • How to make your own battens 
  • What to have in your sail repair kit
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Duration: Days (Monday to Sunday) classroom & workshop

Previous Experience Required: None

Location: Hamble and Southampton.

Cost: £845

The Yacht Maintenance course is for any person wishing to gain knowledge of how to maintain vessels or for those wanting to update their skills. The course combines hands on practical activities with classroom theory.

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